Meet your new ride: Alva.

It’s the next generation of getting around — a movement in motion. Graduate from gasoline-chugging, fume-spewing, space-hogging cars. Avoid unreliable, overcrowded buses and subways.Unshackle yourself from the surge pricing and awkward conversations associated with ride sharing. Alva is pushing the boundaries of personal mobility across our cities and beyond.

More accessible, cost-efficient and energy-efficient ways to get around:

  • Mopeds
  • Low-speed vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Three-wheel vehicles
In the 1950s, car ownership changed how our cities were built — the increased mobility led to people leaving cities for the suburbs. In 2021 and beyond, e-mobility will transform how we live.
Huge disruptions bring big opportunities. Car sales are declining. People have less money to spend. Climate change and the sustainability movement have forced states to ban gas vehicles by 2030. The global pandemic has changed city policies and consumer habits, with increased demand for two-wheel vehicles and a human desire for the freedom to move. The time is now. Alva is passionate about the movement and opportunity that is upon us.  

Built On Spec