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who we are

xceptional brand experiences today are carefully curated to feel organic in the way people live, shop and engage with brands. Meeting the moment requires agility, discipline, and a risk-free supply chain.

White space innovators

Find underserved markets—where consumer needs are unmet or unarticulated—and you’ll find larger-than-life brand opportunities. The bigger the barrier to entry, the better the margin. Leveraging emerging technologies, thought leadership and advanced analytics, we catalyze high value white spaces into successful, on-trend businesses.

Product experts with a factory

We are product people at our core. That is why we have spent over 20 years working with factories and building long standing relationships - so we can build anything. Anyone can try to build any product, it's our experience that enables us to guarantee world class products. Delivering close to a billion dollars in products has created our seamless supply chain process from start to finish.

Distribution game-changers

Consumers today have radically different expectations of the shopping experience. Direct-to-consumer is a transformational model, and a great way to test and refine. We've combined multiple distribution channels from test and learn digital commerce to national retail programs to deliver products at scale.

Incubators, accelerators, partners

When creativity finds a high value market gap, it demands flawless execution and global scalability. Whether you need comprehensive, concept to doorstep incubation, internal support to accelerate product launches or marketing partnerships, we're all in. From high-level concept to tactical execution, we pave the way to exceptional omni-channel customer experiences.
end-to-end support

Unlocking DTC potential

DTC is the go-to strategy for disruptive brands. It creates cost and speed-to-market advantages while affording end-to-end control over the making, marketing, and distribution of products.

A growing majority shop online, but retail is a key step to realizing scaled success. It provides the brick and mortar assurance of quality, stability, and service.

No category off limits.

Our Process

Streamline Success


Identify high value, untapped markets

Our holistic approach enables us to identify white space opportunity and make the most of it. Data-driven insight leads to on-trend market opportunities.

Design market entry strategies

We select high barrier-to-entry markets, explore channel opportunities and design consumer-centric distribution models.

Make exceptional products

Product is king. It's also our passion. Our niche is tech-forward, lifestyle enhancing brands. We live to get it right.

Own the supply chain

Because we must stand behind the quality of the products we make, we make them ourselves. From engineering, exclusive factory partnerships to staff on-premise around the clock.

Up-end the distribution model

Launch DTC. Seize retail opportunities. To be competitive, we flex and adapt as markets merit.